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PB's Thoughtful Offerings!



Fried Zucchini, Ravioli or Mozzarella Sticks - $6.75

Includes Ranch, Marinara or Creamy Gorgonzola Dipping Sauce. Each Extra - 75¢


Garlic Cheese Bread - $5.95 order of 4. Includes Marinara. Add Giardiniera - 75¢


Crisp & Juicy Chicken Wings!

As App or As Meal - A Full Pound of Buffalo, BBQ, Raspberry Chipotle or Sweet Chili Teriaki - $9.95 Comes with 1 Ranch, Creamy Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce. Each Extra - 75¢

Make ‘em Stoopid Hot! Add $1




Specialty Pizza Sizes & Prices - Choose Our Signature Hand-Tossed or Crisp & Thin Crusts


10 Inch “Billy the Kid” - $9.95 Thin Crust Only

10” Gluten-Free - $11.95

10 inch Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust - $10.95

12 Inch “Regular” - $13.95

16 Inch “Jumbo” - $22.95


PB Deluxe

Pepperoni & Our Own Italian Sausage Rides with Fresh-Cut Bell Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms. Ripe Olives Complete this Classic Combination.


Top Carnivore

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Smoky Canadian & Breakfast Bacons. Tear it up!


Rockin’ Rueben

Skillet-Seared Seasoned Corned Beef & Sauerkraut & Swiss atop Sweet & Tangy Thousand Island.

(not available in 10”)


Top Nacho

Seasoned Ground Beef or Chicken topped with delicate fresh-fried tortilla chips and fresh cut lettuce,

Onion, Tomato, Black Olive, Cheddar, Mozzarella. Served with Salsa. Ask Your Sever How to Deal with

this One! (not available in 10”)


Chicken Alfredo

Tender Baked Chicken, Smoky Bacon, Red Onion, Bell Pepper & Chopped Fresh Garlic on Our Creamy,

House-Made Alfredo Sauce.


American Royal

BBQ Beef or Chicken, Onion, Chopped Dills, Mozzarella & Sharp Cheddar on a Smoky BBQ Sauce. This

One is Blue Ribbon Material!


Guy on a Buffalo

Tender Baked Chicken Meets a 3 Cheese Blend of Mozzarella, Sharp Cheddar & Gorgonzola on Our House Buffalo Sauce. Topped with Icy-Cold Lemon, Chopped Celery & Ranch Dressing After Baking.


The Greek

Gyro Meat (a seasoned blend of beef and lamb), Kalamata, Green & Black Olives Pair with Chopped Fresh Tomatoes, Onions & Feta Cheese. A Cold, Zesty Pepperoncini Included!


Chicken Bacon Ranch

Skillet-Seared Chicken, Smoky Bacon, Mozzarella, Sharp Cheddar, Fresh-Chopped Tomatoes on a Bed of

our House Ranch Dressing.






Insalatas are Light-Cheese, Thin Crust Pizzas Piled High with Icy Cold Salad Toppings after Baking. They Feature Our Special Creamy Italian Dressing instead of Red Sauce. The BLT Features Ranch Dressing.


Greek Insalata - Gryro Meat Plus Kalamata, Green & Black Olives. After Baking, We Pile Icy Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta, Croutons & a Light Asiago Sprinkle.


Italian Insalata - Salami, Ham & Pepperoni. Icy Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Croutons & Asiago After Baking


Garden Insalata - All Veggies are Added to this Non-Meat Pizza After Baking! Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Croutons and Asiago. You Got Healthier Just Reading This!


BLT Insalata - A Disturbing Amount of Smoky Bacon on House Ranch Piled High with Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Croutons & Asiago After Baking.




“Build Your Own” Hand-Tossed or Crisp & Thin Pizzas!


10 Inch “Billy the Kid” - $8.95  Thin Crust Only

10 Inch Gluten-Free - $10.95

10 inch Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust - $10.95

12 Inch “Regular” - $12.95

16 Inch “Jumbo” - $21.95


BYO Prices Include Up to 3 Toppings! Extra Toppings are:

10 inch….75¢  -  12 inch….$1.25  -  16 inch….$1.75


Meat Toppings

House Italian Sausage • Ground Beef • House Italian Beef • House Gyro Meat (ground beef & lamb)

Baked Chicken • Pepperoni • Canadian Bacon • Ham • Bacon • Anchovy


Veggie Toppings

Fresh or Canned Mushrooms • Bell Pepper • Onion • Black or Green Olives • Banana Peppers • Sauerkraut • Jalapeno • Pineapple • Tomato • Fresh Garlic • Spinach • Artichoke • Giardiniera • Fire-Roasted Red Peppers


Gyros & GyroBurgers!  ~ Featuring Our House-Blend Gyro Meat


Baked & Grilled Pita Pocket Made From Scratch Stuffed with a Quarter-Pound of Gyro Meat, Lettuce, Onions, Tomato, Cucumber & Feta. Served with House Recipe Tzatziki Cucumber Sauce. $10.50


GryoBurger! We Start with a Half-Pound of Hand Pattied Gyro Meat then Pile on Bacon, Lettuce, Onion

Tomato, Feta and a Generous Portion of Tzatziki Sauce. All of this Between a Fresh-Baked Ciabatta Roll! $11.95




Baked Deli Subs - Choose up to 2 Meats!


Oven Roasted Turkey • Ham • Genoa Salami • Pepperoni


Served on Fresh-Baked Ciabatta or Pita Pocket with You Choice of Swiss, American or Smoked Provolone Cheeses Plus Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Creamy Italian Dressing & A Garlic Pickle Spear & Kettle Chips. $8.75


Try the “Cicero!” Same as Above, but Includes All Meats. $9.75


Sunshine Primavera ~ Fresh Cut Zucchini, Mushroom, Onion, Artichoke & Black Olives Pan-Seared in Olive Oil & Garlic Butter with Your Choice of Swiss, Mozzarella or Provolone Cheeses. Served with House Marinara. $8.75




Authentic House-Recipe Italian Beef, Sausage or Meatball Subs

on Ciabatta or Grilled Pita Breads


Choose Beef or Sausage with Sautéed Bell Peppers & Onions. $9.75

Add Giardiniera - 50¢


“The Combo!” Beef & Sausage Together with Sautéed Bell Peppers & Onions. $10.95


Meatball Sub ~ Features 3 House-Made Meatballs, Onions, Bell Peppers, Marinara & Choice of Cheese. - $9.75




Calzones ~ Served with Piping Hot Marinara & Asiago


“The Classic” ~ Ham & Salami, Ricotta & Mozzarella. - $9.75

“The S-O-B” ~ Spinach, Onion, Bacon, Ricotta & Mozzarella. - $9.75

“Build Your Own” Calzone ~ Ricotta & Mozzarella - $8.70 plus 75¢ for Each Topping




Fresh-Cut Wedge Salads


Garden “SIDE” Wedge ~ Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Croutons & Dressing - $5.95

Greek “SIDE” Wedge ~ Tomato, Cucumber, Kalamata, Green & Black Olive, Onion, Feta, Croutons & Dressing - $5.95


~ Double Wedges of Iceberg plus Tomato, Cucumber, Kalamata, Green & Black Olive, Onion & Feta plus a Gryo Meat Stuffed Hot Pita Pocket with House Tzatziki Sauce. -  $9.50


Italian “SUPREME” Wedge ~ Double Wedges of Iceberg, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Dressing Choice plus Pepperoni, Salami, Mozzarealla & Hot Slice of Garlic Cheese Bread. - $9.50




Linguini or Baked Ziti


Served with House Marinara or Alfredo Sauces & Garlic Ciabatta Bread - $8.75

Try the “Red, White & Blues!” Marinara & Alfredo Sauces Together with Garlic Ciabatta & a Harmonica Solo! $9.50


Add 2 Home-Made Meatballs or Italian Sausage Patty. - $1.75




Beer & Wines


Premium Beers by the Glass - $3.95 • By the Pitcher - $13.95 • Domestic Glass - $3.25 • Domestic Pitcher - $11.75


Wine - $4.50 Reds ~ Chianti, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Sangria • Whites ~ Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay & White Zinfandel.