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In The Beginning…

The Lake of the Ozarks was 50 years younger than it is today when my family made the move from our home on the South side of Chicago to start a new life here in central Missouri.


It didn’t take long get acclimated to my new surroundings. Living in the beauty and peacefulness of the lake area in the late 60’s and 70’s had many advantages compared to a childhood growing up in the heart of a fast-paced, major metropolis.


There were disadvantages as well. While it was wonderful to have an entire cove to swim, fish and play in all to yourself, it could also prove to be lonely. Finding a nearby “chum” was not in the cards. The distance between homes was considerable. One Halloween night, I remember soaping my Mother’s Buick because doing it to a neighbors car required a 5 mile hike. She figured it was me and I was punished, but at least I had a story to tell my friends the next day at school. It was worth it because getting grounded meant staying indoors and playing… the kitchen!

Little Pepperoni Billy & Grandpa Spero

My Grandmother, Mother and Aunt were the best cooks I have ever known. They shared with us the secrets of their culinary experiences and why things are done the way they are. It didn’t matter if it was spaghetti sauce, lasagna, polenta, gnocci or baking a sweet “Break-Away Cake” to go with the morning Folgers. It was great family time. I remember my Grandmother saying...“Billy, I wish I could get the things I need to make the dishes we used to have in Chicago.”  I remember friends coming to visit from Chicago and St. Louis bringing us the “good stuff.” Ricotta, gorgonzola and Romano cheeses, fresh Italian sausages and salumi’s, the best olive oil, spices and fresh-baked breads. When all the pieces were in place it was amazing to see what Grandma could do. Things are different now. The good stuff is readily available. Doing it the “right way” is much easier than it used to be.


Doing it “the right way” is what Pepperoni Bill’s is all about. Almost every item on the menu is prepared from scratch. The tomato products used for my red sauces are fresh packed with no citric acid or other preservatives added. Many people that are sensitive to pizza and other Italian foods find that they have no problem with PB’s fare. My Italian beef and fresh-baked ciabatta bread are other in-house recipes as well as my Italian sausage, meatballs, gyro meat, pita pockets and all sauces. From alfredo to tzatziki!


I believe the “comfort” we find in comfort foods is derived from our loved ones that prepared these dishes for us. The people who loved us enough to take the time and effort to give us something special. Something authentic, something personal. The menu at Pepperoni Bill’s Pizzeria is a collection of my favorite comfort foods. A collection I’m proud to share with you and your families.


My little Chicago alley represents a time when I felt “the best” was made available to me by the best people I knew.  I’m committed to making all my guests feel the very same way!


~ PB